Wednesday, October 2, 2019


As the sun begins to rise on the horizon
Giving a brilliance of light 
Gracing our part of the Earth
The Earth is awakening
Stretching with sleepy eyes, hunger and joyous sounds
Hunger for food, but also to see what the day brings
Each day we journey into another world of unknown
We pray it’s peaceful and we too are at peace
Peace with ourselves
Understand this 
You are the only one that grants you peace
You and only you are in charge
Of how you speak and interact with yourself and others
Bringing Peace and Love into your life
This is an opportunity for you to really feel true love
Enrich yourself and bask in the sunshine
It’s a grand awareness that heals as well

Doreen Sanitna Cote'

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Tears of Prayer

As we face our fears
And trust others to make us well
We ask others to pray
To pray for us
To pray, we survive
To pray of a happy outcome
And as we pray
Miracles happen
As God, hears our prayers
Understanding, allowing and knowing
He knows
Our outcome 
It's significantly for the best
With our best interest at heart
So bring forth the challenge
And bless the souls that pray 
For love, healing and health
For we are all one
One together gives us strength
To face another day
Doreen Santina Cote'

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Be Love, Feel Love, Give Love


Message from 2/26/2019  Tuesday Morning in Yuma, AZ

When you think
You are putting yourself into another realm

When you plan
You are putting yourself on a schedule

When you dream
You are allowing yourself to manifest
Anything, everything and more

For you see, when you stick to a tight plan
There is little room for magic

Yet when you are free to explore
The magic will explode into the most wonderful moments

Allow yourself these moments

For when you do
You free yourself from guilt

Doreen Santina Cote'

The One Who Loves You

Message from 2/20/2019

For the one who loves you
Loves you for who you are
There are no questions to ask
There are no reasons to doubt
For you see I am always with you
No matter what state you are in
I am there, waiting
For your stillness allows
the peace to take over
Our bond strengthens
And you will know we are one

Doreen Santina Cote'

Are You Ready to Accept

Message from 2/4/2019

When you open your heart

When you accept the Holy Spirit

Your life will evolve

Into a glorious awareness

For you see, there is a light

A light that shines so bright

That will never, ever diminish

Yet know this, as you walk your path

You are never, ever alone

Doreen Santina Cote'