Monday, September 7, 2020

Emotional Release

 Wipe away the tears

For the tears are an outcry

An outcry for the sadness within

When we dwell in our pain

Our emotional pain

We put ourselves into a box

Closing the lid and hiding

Hoping, one day the lid will be opened

And the emotional pain gone

Yet staying in this stupor

Brings no good, no help, no release

When I burst through this barrier

I liberate myself

Bringing light, healing and a new day

Allowing God to show me the way

Doreen Santina Cote'
September 7, 2020

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

GOD Within

 Yesterday is gone

Today is here

This moment is where we are

If you dwell on the past or future

You are not present

Stay in the now

Brings you peace, love and light

Understand this

You cannot change the past

You can only be in this moment

Where God Lives Within

Feel Me, Hear Me, Love Me

For I love you too and through

Doreen Santina Cote'

September 1, 2020


Monday, April 20, 2020

Path to Freedom

Rest assured
The adventure you take
Is your path to freedom
Freedom is your choice
For how you view your life
Your life is given to you
To make the most
The most of all that you do
Whether you do nothing
Or you climb a mountain
Mountains are there for you
To excel in all that you do
Challenge yourself
And the world will open up to you
The heavens will shine light on you
And peace will be yours

Doreen Santina Cote'
April 20, 20 20

4.19.2020 Communication

Speak slowly
Speak clearly
For when you do others listen
When you are engrossed in conversation
Feel their love and passion 
In their energetic words
As you understand communication
Positive communication
Accept what is meant for you
Disregard the rest
In moments like these
The world stands still

Doreen Santina Cote'

Friday, April 17, 2020

Never Alone

As you stray
And stay away
I am here
I am here waiting 
Waiting for you
I have never left you
I am by your side, always
In all ways
 In every moment
In every breath you take
Hear my heart beat 
As you listen to yours
You will hear mine
For we 
Are one

Doreen Santina Cote'
Message from 4.17.2020

Eternity Forever

Eternity seems forever

It is forever

As you understand this

Know the choices you make today

Last forever

With that said

Does fear rule me

Or does my faith

My faith sets me free to explore the unknown

Yet fear freezes me in pain, in sorrow, in devastation

Calling upon my faith, I feel the freedom of choice

It frees my soul and spirit

This is where I am

For I am what I am

Doreen Santina Cote'
Message Received 4.5.2020

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Soul Work

When your mind holds onto grudges 
Nothing gets accomplished

Negativity sours your thoughts
Leaving a distaste in you

Cleaning up after you
Is insanity

For there is nothing you do to clear
However when you speak your emotions

Releasing your inner thoughts
Others comprehend you

Understanding you
Giving you, your freedom

Soul work is soul to soul interaction

When one holds back
Others turn away

When one opens up
The other engages

Releasing, giving, refreshing
Clearing both your Souls

Doreen Santina Cote'
written: 4.3.2020